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HDD/SSD Case Factory Help You Solve The Problem of The Case


           As an HDD/SSD Case Manufactory, produce 2.5inch and 3.5 inches, even 1.8 inches HDD CASE.  but we got some questions from our customer(importer, local wholesaler). They collect some question about the case. As manufactory, we should help the customer to fix these problems.

            And lots of problems are not from the case, just lots of customer don't  know how to use the case in the right way.

The MAC PC doesn't read the case or just read-only.
       Lost of people say that their external hard drive has a problem with the OX system.  it must show that the system asks you to format the hard drive. Why does it happen? That is because NTFS does not work for OX.  If the HDD or SSD is empty,you can format it directly. But most of time, you have some data there. So you will not  Format it easily. So what should you do?

Copy the data in the original system. And then format the HDD or SSD, and change the form from NTS to exFAT. It works for Windows and OX systems. (But there a limit, each file can not over 4GB, but it is not a big problem in these days.) exFAT is a file system, that's both readable and writable on Mac and Windows Machine. And it just can be format on Windows machine.And how to do?


1.Open up Windows Explorer and find the drive,  right-click, Choose "Format" on sidebar


In the "File System" drop-down, choose exFAT instead of NTFS.


Click the Start button and close the window when it finished.


And now the drive can work fantastically between Mac and Windows. 


2.Does not support USAP.

USAP is very good technical, it can handle serial command at the same time. And BOT just can handle one command. So it means that USAP can transfer quick and maximizes total USB bandwidth utilization.  But it is not all system support it. Only the win 8, win10 and the OX 10.8 and their new version support USAP. So as an HDD Case factory, we suggest your machine update the system to the new system. And enjoy the big power of USAP and USB 3.0.You will found that it is very easy in the transferring data.


3.Have over 20% HDD Case does not work with Playstation.

Some customer will turn back the  HDD Case because it does not support  PlayStation.It works well with other item but just fail when connecting Playstation. Just because the factory set the mold of chips to save power mold. So wholesaler has to make sure factory make the testing with PlayStation.But the customer can do nothing with that, only turn it back to the seller.