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 3.5 inch HDD Case Factory Tell you what is good quality Enclosure

    Lot of customer ask us to offer them the best price and best quality with the 3.5 inch HDD Case. But most of time, they just know what is best price. Because, you just need to compare with the number, so that is very easy. But very upset point is that, they ask for best price and best quality at same time. And about the quality, which they also focus on, most of sourcing manager has no idea about that. And it is not their fault, as a buyer , they have hundreds item need to buy. It takes time to check the price, the packaging ,the shipping and contact all the people. So not too much to know a product.

    So sourcing manager need help from the engineer. But engineer most of time just offer to advise about the function. So, as a professional factory in produce 2.5 & 3.5 inch HDD/SSD case factory. Let us offer you some advise some step to help sourcing manager find the good quality with good price:

    1. The first one, also the most important one. Make sure your target, high quality with high price, the lower price never. Some sourcing manager told us "YYYY factory offer us the price with $10, If you can lower them, we can place an order with you."  Most of the time, it is very dangerous. Because most of the time, the cost will not change, if one factory can offer a lower price, not because of their factory more efficient, just because they cut off their profit. But you cut off 3%from this factory , cut off 5% from another factory. And after 3 times, you have to confirm that the quality is worst and worst.  The first factory will 3% off , their profit 12%, the second factory 3% off, their profit is 9%. But we can promise you that when you cut off the third factory 3% off again, their profit will be 15% or 20%.  Because they will not care about the quality.

     If you can understand the 1st one factor, OK, Let us move on. Let us told you how to know what is good quality external HDD case.

    2. The chips. The chips is the CPU of the case, the brain of the case.  So the depend the Case is smart or stupid. If the chips is smart, you can transfer data quick, and stable. Like Asmedia, JMS, ALININTA and most of them is made in Taiwan.  The price is good and with good quality. But just like the chips from United State. Likes the chips from Gotom, we have to confirm that gotom's product is great. But the price is high, it is not the customer can be accepted.  So If some factory offers you a very lower price, you can ask them where are the chips from? Taiwan? China? USA?  The standard answer is Taiwan.  

        About the Chips, please pay attention, because we would like to share a secret with you. If some factory offer you lower price than normal. Pls take a sample  and pay attention at the chips. Because of there 50%  chance, the chips is clone chip, not the original product. Maybe you are wondering, what is different? It works when it transfers the data.  And in good condition. Yes, it works and transfers fast. But there on a problem, not stable. In Feb 2017, one of our friend takes us a case. He bought a USB 3.0 HDD Case, the very normal pattern. He told us, he bought the case with retail price 12 RMB  in promotion. It worked well almost 2 months. But today is does not work. Not matter how he plugs in and out, and change 3 laptops, still same result----pls format the HDD. Our engineer checked the case and found that he have not idea about the problem. But just feel that the chips don't like to original chip, look like a clone chip.  At last, we sent the PCBA to the chips agent and ask them to check. And the result is Clone chip.

        There one tips, help you know is that factory use clone chip.  If factory use clone chips will ask you make the payment in advance.  When they collect the payment and you find some function fail, they will agree to send you good one to instead the one which is function fail.  (Dont worry, about this, they will keep their words.) Maybe you want no know why they operate like that. This is another reason now. Let us show you.

      3. Testing,  As we told that if you place an order with 9% cos off. Their profit will over 15%. Do not make any testing is the best way to save money. Because it takes a lot of costs. Just like our factory, we will take at least 2 testing, at least  2 times mean that some time it will be 3 testing or 4 testing. When we get the PCBA, we will make the first testing.  And make the second testing after assembly the PCBA and the housing. No matter which time we found the function fail case. It will send to another department to fix it. Pls noted that it is just testing, in order to make sure the item will not function fail.  So you can ask your new supplier how many times of testing. 

     4. Testing is one of inspection, there are some other inspections, like check the gift box, the housing and the plastic units. Customers buy the products, not just for the products. but for service and happy too. So the standard factories, we check the accessories for you in advance too. The gift box is clean, no damage, no drop,and not dirty.  And the housing is no scratch, no knot and no shading (2 colors which look like almost same exist in the one housing ). After that processing, customer will easy get the good quality HDD/SSD case.

     So you can know what is different