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What is the difference between PCI and PCI Express?

        PCI is old technology, it helps you connecting some devices inside your PC.Make your PC more powerful, extend its capability, like sound cards, NIC, TV Tuners, modems, all of these devices. And PCIe (PCI express) is the latest version of PCI and is a much-improved version in terms of speed.  But lots of PCI-E OEM factory in China still keep producing the PCI card even PCIe is faster and support more function. 

         PCIe does not use the parallel interface, they use the serial interface.  It also utilizes individual buses for each device connected to it instead of a shared one like what PCI uses. About the speed, the difference is quite huge if you compare the standard PCI slot (just runs at 133MB/s) to a 16x slot PCIe (send or receive up to 16GB/s).It is very obvious. In these years, the most common use for PCIe is the graphics cards. It got hugely benefits from the huge bandwidth. But not too much factory can make it. But other cards, like sound card, sound card, wiliness card, it keeps pretty good order and quantity.  Lots of manufactories will make these cards.

         But even it s not many factories can make the PCIe graphics cards. But it still replaced AGP, which is another standard.

        One thing we have to know that PCIe was not to run at his full speed for all devices. Because most of the devices don’t really need that much to operate properly. Lans different and then the speed will be different, each lens has its own transmit and receive lines.1 lanes, the maximum 6GB/s, so 16 lanes, the maximum is 16GS/s. 

        About the slots of PCI,  all devices are the same size, so slots are no different. But the PCIe slots have a difference, as the device has a different form. From16 lane slot to the shortest is 1 lane for the x1 devices. Even there are many slots support multiple form factors,  but it is just operated at a lower speed.

        In a way, we can say PCIe is superior to PCI. As you can see that most of PICe factory has the big order. But does it mean PCI factory do not have order? The answer is NO. In the market, it's still lots of devices made for the PCI slot.  One reason is that PCI is too simple with has a nice price, and another reason is most of the devices do not need the speed advantage.


         1. PCIe is much faster than PCI.

         2. PCIe uses serial interface and PCI uses parallel interface.

         3. The speed of PCIe is classified into lanes, each capable can be up to 1GB/s.

         4. PCI slots are standardized but PCIe slots can be different.

         5. But even PCIe has superiority, but lots of manufacturers still make the PCI standard for their devices.