Recognize The Quality of HDD Case Without Testing

         You will agree that no matter 2.5 inches HDD Case or 3.5 inches HDD Case, you don't know it is good quality or bad quality until there something wrong. So as a manufactory, we would like to tell you some tips to help you recognize what HDD CASE is good before you pay for it.

PCBA of The HDD case is clear and good looking

        Yes, the PCBA should be clearly and good looking. And it is very important. It present that has the HDD enclosure manufactory has paid attention at their product or not. If it is dirty, it means that their customer has not taken any requirement, just ask for the price, the lower price, the lower and lower price. So if the PCB is dirty and ugly, don't buy it, there no quality warranty. These HDD Case are very easy to have a different problem. Like, can not read, ask you format the HDD/SSD.


external HDD Case
dirty PCB of HDD Case with glue and fingerprint


The capacitance on the PCBA is big

       There has electricity when the 2.5 inches HDD/SSD connect with Computer equipment, PlayStation. No matter what it connects with, it works with electricity. So the Capacitors are necessary. In a way, you can check the size. If there are many big capacitors, it means it is good. Yes, we said in a way. so it means there other factors. Same type capacitance, the bigger is better.  Most of time, the factory will assemble the capacitance units likes below:the left is SMT capacitance and the right is normal capacitance。Both of them can work well, but the SMT capacitance will be better.



capacitance unit on the HDD Case

The SATA interface is in good condition

        We bought lots of sample in the market and found that most of the time the HDD case is not stable if the SATA interface is not good. Just look like below image:  



external HDD Case
dirty PCB of HDD Case with glue and fingerprint

The Housing of HDD Case is in good condition

       As we said before if the importer and wholesaler just focus on the price, Factory will try their best to match their need.  One of the solutions is that don't care about the quality. In the standard producing, we will make lots of inspection. So it means you can found some fault units or housing in the producing. Look like the housing, even some very little thing, we will return it to the housing supplier. And then the cost will increase. But lots of customers say just some little thing wrong. But I don't care about the housing.  Yes, we buy HDD Case in order to protect the HDD or SSD and can read them. But they can not handle the obvious defect.How can they handle the function fail problem?



external HDD Case
dirty PCB of HDD Case with glue and fingerprint


 By the way, there an opinion, the customer should know:

The Color of PCBA does not mean anything

       The color is one of the important factors when the customer buys one product. And same with the HDD Case.  In the beginning, there are lots of colors can be chosen, but slowly, people find that the yellow is the hot sale. and then to be green, and in these days it looks like a trend to the black.(Orico's new hot sale 2.5 clear HDD Case) But we can tell you that the color does not mean anything. One of our Indonesia customers told us, in their country, people think the PCBA is yellow means good quality. It is a misunderstanding.